2003 - 2005
My love of marketing and writing began when I started working with my Dad in his businesses, Horizons and Kidz Care. Horizons was a corporate platform that enabled us to fund the non profit organization, Kidz Care, an organization that supported underprivileged children with food, clothing and the means for an education. Along with my ongoing studies, I helped create the monthly newsletters, event flyers, and participated in company marketing events. During this time my role largely centered on writing, sales and marketing. 

2005 - 2007
Marketing and Communications Trainee
I started work as a Marketing and Communications Trainee with The Family Services as I wanted to donate some time in between my studies to a non-profit organization. My role with them was primarily in the updation of their website and creating content for the training material used in their promotional seminars. 

Customer Service Executive
This was a year where the hype with call centers in India was in full swing. As I was just beginning my official entry into the world of business, I wanted to try my hand at Customer Service and see if it was something I could spend my career doing. I joined Dell International Services as a Customer Service Executive. My role was to interact with customers to help resolve their issues in a way that would retain and grow their loyalty to the company. Some months later, I received a job offer as a writer and online marketing trainee. Having learned that writing and marketing was where my true passions were, I joined Times Business Solutions Ltd. It was there that my Social Media Marketing exposure began. 

2007 - 2010
Officially, I joined Times Business Solutions Ltd (a major media agency in India) as a Writer. Unofficially, my area of specialization covered projects such as the end-to-end creation of marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, website content, articles, blogs, corporate newsletters, white papers, social media, and creating marketing collateral. Although I dearly loved my job at Times Business Solutions Ltd, personal reasons caused me to relocate cities after just three years of my job there. 

Senior Content Editor
I joined Quscient for a short period as a Senior Content Editor where I continued my work in SEO, writing, blogging and social media marketing. Quscient had a number of microsites for which I created new social media presences. Because of my experience with audio and recording, I was able to lend my voice to a series of education modules that later became part of the product package. Although I was only here for a short time, the well-rounded experience helped get me started in my next role as an entrepreneur. 

2010 - 2011
My little startup, PremaHoward.com, began quickly with the help of former colleagues who were very kind about putting me in touch with their networks. I took on short contracts with customers, as I wanted to maintain the realistic-delivery approach I sought to maintain. Being a one-person company meant that I had to be very careful in accepting more projects than I could deliver. I took on projects that were both challenging and interesting, such as writing on topics that were new to me - which meant there were copious amount of research involved. I chose social media marketing contracts that were fairly low maintenance so I could manage my writing for other companies simultaneously. My time as an entrepreneur taught me a lot about multitasking efficiently and interacting well with clients. However, as I drew near to the end of the year and had to take stock of where I was headed, I realized that although I liaised with writers in the cloud, I missed working with an on-site team. I decided that as my contracts were coming to a close, it was the perfect time for me to join an organization again. 

2011 - 2012
Senior Copywriter
I was very excited about working with Interakt. They had a team (a TEAM!) of copywriters who also branched out into many other aspects of marketing. As Interakt's head office was in Singapore, I was able to use what I had learned about working in the cloud to communicate with the Content Head and through this, I received extensive practical training in high-end marketing, customer interaction and developing and growing a very large, existing social media presence. During this time, I worked with their largest client (one of India's biggest FNB businesses) handling their social media strategies, website updation and maintenance, creating new marketing avenues, coordinating and interacting with their clients in relation to marketing programs and managing the day-to-day running of their social media pages. 

2012 - 2013
Social Media Marketing Consultant
Megha IT Consulting is an official Google Apps for Business Reseller and the brainchild of Warren Howard and Patrick Martinent. During my entrepreneurial work I'd assisted Megha IT Consulting with their marketing strategies and creating and maintaining their online presence. Once I became the official marketer for the team, this role continued and branched out further to include website design, consulting clients on their social media practices and teaching them how to effectively use SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Some other projects I worked on during my time here was creating company business cards, videoing and editing the official company profile video, creating monthly newsletters and growing the mailing list database. 

Freelance Journalist & Writer
My time with Megha IT Consulting came to a close as I relocated to Melbourne. I now work as a freelance writer and journalist while I continue my search for the right job. Contact me if you know where that might be. 

How I spend my free time
If you've read up until here, you know quite a lot about me already, but here are a few additional things you may be interested to know: 
  • I love gardening. I find it therapeutic and fascinating. There is of course the added benefit in knowing exactly what you're eating since it's grown in your own garden. 
  • I'm very interested in researching natural health and diet remedies. I believe that nature has it all, if only we learn the keys to the code. 
  • I'm a bit of a bookworm...well, maybe a little more than a 'bit'. 
  • I've participated in Nanowrimo in 2010 and 2013. During this time, I succeeded in writing two book drafts of 50,000+ words in 30 days. I edit them in my spare time. 
  • I've written some songs that were performed at a public event. While I have a lot of interest in music, it remains a hobby for me, not a career goal.